The most pointless app for lonely people evar


They made an ipad app that you can kiss and then the photo on it will react. that is all it does. Does sound dumb but the question is this will it help people get jobs by developing pointless apps? I’ve seen even more worthless apps like the gun shot app but hey this will go great with the ipad fleshlight. It true read more here http://gizmodo.com/5878901/confirmed-fleshlight-developing-ipad-case-you-can-bone

Be cheap for a better camera or pay more for a not so good one?


I think the answer is fairly obvious and I don’t think there much to argue about but it does show that paying more doesn’t always mean that it for sure a better product but think about this photographers.

Scientolgy Ads- I got a bad feeling about this


Remember when the internet first came out and not many knew what possiblitly could come out with it. Then teachers saw potentional for educational purposes but then lets say carl the teenager was the first to click on the ads and saw hot hot girls doing dirty things for the school’s money. Then the iPad was made and they wanted to stop this so they made educational aps. There was still a probelm even though the idea was made it still needed money to keep it running and now we got date aps, guns and the worst of all scientolgy. Makes you wonder what kind of ads one could get if you get a good idea what happens to it afterwards and how much say you get.

China declines 4G for a couple more years

Government of China says that they may hold back with 4G for a couple more years. This will affect on how 4G is adopted around the world.


iPad 3 rumour


Oh my god how many iPads do we need we all know that Apple known for making new technologies more advance but seriously instead of adding a few new toys into it which there isn’t much detail on the new iPad yet except a newer higher rez camera but I don’t think thats enough to get a brand new one. Good thing is you can trade in your old ones for a cut and I’m pretty sure the price is going to go down on the old ones but still it been barely a year and it going to be out in two days. Its obvious that they’re followers for the iPads so I’m sure they can enjoy their iPads they got now keep improving a newer model and then it would be a huge hit instead of releaseing a brand new one every god damn year.

Is the Senate Trying to Sneak In a New SOPA Bill?

Are we out of the clear yet or is this going to happen in secretcy?


Google Puts the Hammer Down on Three More Services

First bad news is that one of the three is the online photo editing website is going o be closed down soon but a good thing is that the premium version is going to free until April 19th. Sad to see something I’ve never heard of let alone never used be gone oh well back to walmart to make duplicates at a low low price.

Samsung Turns Any Window into an Amazing Computer


they’ve actually made windows into computers and the amazing thing is it actually works is see through and can actually be viewed only indoors so all PRIVATE matters is private. It does sound neat but sound very pricey for someone to break with a baseball and pretty much use for just finding new recipes in the kitchen or watch videos even though there teh TV. Will it be revolutionary or just an expensive piece of glass?

Is the Media Out of Touch? A Look at the Numbers


Even though this article is mainly what happening down in U.S. it makes me wonder if media is going to go down too.

Do you think this will happen in Canada too or is it too late? And if it has then can it be fixed?